Fast Forward to a Model Based Enterprise

We understand the challenges with adopting Model Based Definition. TechAzul is committed to a holistic and practical approach in directing companies to achieve the maximum benefit from MBD and its application to achieve tangible business results for your Model Based Enterprise. We have helped customers across all industries with a hands-on approach to solve problems and figure out the details while assisting in developing a practical and cost effective MBE.

MBD Discussion &
Focus Areas

  • Why & what of MBD

  • Defining Model Based Enterprise for your company

  • Maturity Level & Capability Assessment

  • MBD Support for Suppliers

Tools &

  • PTC and 3rd party applications

  • Model Based Design Check

  • Collaborative Engineering Design

  • Model Based Inspection & Analytics


  • Working with manufacturing & suppliers

  • Characteristic Management

  • Quality Based Inspection QIF

  • MBD Vision and Strategy